august twenty four

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nude carpet

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polka dot blouses

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Living Rooms

Grey with pink accents

Beginning vision board.


white or bright accent pillows

glass accents with vines x flowers

white coffee tables

ottomans with gold accents

dark grey accent tables with nearby lighting

black x gold coffee tables or one or the another .

fluffy furry rugs on top of solid or neutral base rug.

lots of whites and grey for a fresh pop look

light accents of baby pink x books x wicker

black glass tables

white coffee table, linen floor lamp

pink x wicker accents, wicker ceiling lighting

black wood coffee table

glass coffee table with gold accent for pop, silver accent to stay neutral

white faux marble or marble coffee table

wood coffee tables

Glass table with black accent

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8 Affirmations for Us

August 3,2019

I am worthy of my dreams and goals.

Today I affirm , my worth is not contingent on how others choose to love me, but how I choose to love myself.

I attract success by being my authentic self.

I am trusting that when I feel stretched by life something magical is around the corner.

I let go of struggle and surrender to ease.

I no longer force things. What flows, flows. What crashes, crashes. I only have space and energy for the things that are meant for me.

I am a powerful manifestor. All that i dream and desire is in the process of materializing into my reality in perfect divine timing.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Holiday Place Settings

I know it’s a bit early to begin, but I’ve been getting so many requests.

These are a few of the place setting inspos I’ve enjoyed so much ❤️… never knew how much green was in there. Perhaps my new favorite color?!😄