It’s Hollywood’s biggest night: the Academy Awards! Ahead of the 2020 ceremony, find out when the Oscars start, how to catch every exciting second, and more.

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Quotes About Beauty From Karrie Bradshaw Below:



Monday August 7,2017

  1. drinking fresh brewed coffee before the sun rises
  2. hearing and singing love songs from the 80s and 90s
  3. applying baby fresh lotion from a pink bottle
  4. opening a  special invite to a get together on this coming friday
  5. hearing someone tell me “You are the best life consultant”
  6. peeking at vacation destinations in beautiful magazines
  7. answering a phone call to see how I am doing throughout the day
  8. dining on a beautiful lunch time with a beautiful person
  9. seeing cute little children who are absolutely adorable
  10. lifting and smelling a non-lit gardenia candle
  11. eating surprise macaroons , from a loving co-worker
  12. dancing to alicia keys singing on the speakers above me

Ashas Gratitude 

Sunday August 6,2017

  1. A phone call from my bestest friend.
  2. Hearing the sincerest words ever, I need you.
  3. Getting chastized for drinking plastic bottled water, boxed is better.
  4. Getting treated to coffee and brownies.
  5. Hot chocolate with almond milk.
  6. Easy whipped cream.
  7. The sight of the most beautiful middle eastern man I’ve ever seen.
  8. Mali music.
  9. Washing my hair.
  10. The comforter name as Marvin Sapp.
  11. Really long showers.
  12. A nice cozy bed to sleep in.
  13. The Best Book I found to read.
  14. Natural hair.
  15. Pink pajamas.
  16. Perfectly fried fillet of catfish.

❤️ kee