#selfcare | Boss Babe 101 : “strategic growth in revenue and profit”

Lesson 1/40 each day I will attempt to post another lesson to make you become more of a boss babe. Definitely helped with my success. Xo

So, to grow it has to find new revenue. … A company can grow revenue from its current customers, which is called penetration selling. Penetraton breaks into two different types of selling. Buyer penetration is gaining additional buyers for the same product or service.

What is the difference between profitability and profit growth?To avoid confusing the two, you need to understand the difference between profit and profitabilityProfitis the amount your business gains. It is a number that remains when you subtract expenses from your revenue. … Profitability measures your business’s profits and helps you determine your success or failure.Nov 17, 2017http://www.patriotsoftware.com › blog ›

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