“21 SUCCESSFUL AFFIRMATIONS comment yes if you agree”


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Am I the only one in search of divine intervention? I have a lot of faith that We will be receiving great news soon…

Here are 21 reminders to prepare us for the magnificence sure to come… “success & faith in numbers” 💋

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8 Affirmations for Us

August 3,2019

I am worthy of my dreams and goals.

Today I affirm , my worth is not contingent on how others choose to love me, but how I choose to love myself.

I attract success by being my authentic self.

I am trusting that when I feel stretched by life something magical is around the corner.

I let go of struggle and surrender to ease.

I no longer force things. What flows, flows. What crashes, crashes. I only have space and energy for the things that are meant for me.

I am a powerful manifestor. All that i dream and desire is in the process of materializing into my reality in perfect divine timing.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.