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How To Create a Cute Bohemian Corner

I meant to say space… but it was too late to change the title 😃.

It can be simple or full of fluff… neutral tones or beautiful pastels from the 70s.


We added some living room ideas also, peep below.


You decide.


It is your own sacred special place.


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Living Rooms

Grey with pink accents

Beginning vision board.


white or bright accent pillows

glass accents with vines x flowers

white coffee tables

ottomans with gold accents

dark grey accent tables with nearby lighting

black x gold coffee tables or one or the another .

fluffy furry rugs on top of solid or neutral base rug.

lots of whites and grey for a fresh pop look

light accents of baby pink x books x wicker

black glass tables

white coffee table, linen floor lamp

pink x wicker accents, wicker ceiling lighting

black wood coffee table

glass coffee table with gold accent for pop, silver accent to stay neutral

white faux marble or marble coffee table

wood coffee tables

Glass table with black accent

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