“find a fabulous acrylic or gold bar cart with poster sized wall illustrations.”

“KEEP IN MIND : You deserve a relationship that allows you to sleep peacefully at night.”

“waffle ice-cream sandwiches.”

“enjoy off the shoulder necklines.”

“just dont overthink it baby.”

“wear truly blessed jewels.”

“fly nail inspiration.”

“include airy whimsical linens in your bedroom.”

“let us together… create a reality, that matches the magnitude and radiance of our souls and not the smallness of our minds.”

“enjoy pretty popsicles for a warm spring or summer day.”

“ live in bedrooms with artistry and frilly things that make you absolutely smile.”

“buy trend-setting bucket hats for a stormy sunny day.”

I am working on being kinder when I am hurt.”

“EAT EAT EAT funfetti coffee cake.”

“wear a classy sexy sheer bustier.”

“goal: to laugh often and MUCH.”

“paint the town red with strawberry creamsicles.”

“add two or three large and pastel oversized pillows to my living room sofa.”

“always remember what type of woman I am.”

to request a custom vision board, leave your email in the comment section, love kee .

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