this was the year.

karriebradshaw kiiasha hale


this was the year.. I did not see coming…

the one that shook me out of complacency. When I learned to stop being compliant., to demand what was rightfully mine, to refuse to settle for anything less than I deserved.

I lost patience with small talk, fell in love with midnight conversations.. I crossed deserts and oceans with the man I love at my side as we lived out of suitcases … drunk on life and laughter…

This was the year that came with a gentle slap on the shoulder… reminding me who I was and what I could be… if only Id just open up my arms and let the light in… stop overthinking  and start living… Give myself permission to fall as long as I got back up again.

I held the ones I love closer let go of the things that were not meant to be mine. Looked my past dead in the eye and said… you are not welcome here anymore… Chased away the cobwebs that I had let linger for too long… Told the moon that I was sorry… this is now my time in the sun.

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