Curating Your Closet for 2020!

img_0010Visualize your best self & begin showing up as HER.For virtual assistance email for rates. Here at KB, we have created thee most fabulous method for curating your closet for the New Year. Why is this necessary? Curating your closet is one of the best ways to celebrate you! Your wardrobe is reflective of the woman you currently are today, or even better the alter ego you aspire to be. We need to ensure that your closet symbolizes confidence , is full of inspiration, and is both functional & versatile. 1. To begin, I encourage you to set the tone for your New Year! Say goodbye to Hollywood Standards and develop your own personal wardrobe mantra. Instead of, “New Year New Me”, lets try “New Year Best Me”. Learn to vibrate at your highest frequency and selfishly showcase your runway dreams! Below please find a few questions to ask yourself while beginning this exercise:
  • Where are a few places that your highest energy comes from?
  • What is your motivation? Whose celebrity wardrobe channels your closet crush?
  • What type of music do you like to listen to while getting dressed?
  • Where is a place or a city that you would love to visit? What are you wearing while you are there? Who are you traveling with?
Please take note of anything enchanting that may come to mind. Become conscience of the atmosphere you would like to create. Place your creativity in this air of refuge & freedom. 2. Our next step would be to invest in a full-length mirror.  Stand in front of this mirror and take some time for self-appreciation.  Turn on some music, dim your lighting and dance as though no one is watching! Become your number one fan. Make a promise to only choose clothing that tells your version of your best you. 3. Create a vision board.  To prepare, gather a large poster board of your favorite color, clear adhesive tape, a pair of large scissors and a handful of magazines that you surely love. Your vision board shall be reflective of images, styles and moods that make you smile on the inside. GO WILD ! I’ve added glitter, tulle, tassel …& incorporated absolutely any and everything that gets me excited to transform into the finer me. 4. Confront your present wardrobe… and detach emotionally from items that no longer “serve you“. Make a decision to either donate, resale or storage items away for a later date ( I understand some things are hard to part with)… 5. Separate clothes by color and then style. Find you a few go-to staples for work. Make sure that your workout clothing is pretty and colorful … am invest a few beautiful hangers for your girls-night-out pieces.


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