Finally A Balm for Sensitive Skin!

8D13D160-45AC-4021-9B00-52E69268C003-785x785.jpeg What does it mean to have sensitive skin? Many people say they have sensitive skin, but it isn’t easy to define. … “Typically, these are people with more easily irritated skin, either with inflammation, redness, itching, or stinging sensations,” says Annie Chiu, MD, a dermatologist at The Derm Institute in Redondo Beach, CA If you are like me, you have struggled with sensitive skin for almost all of your life. For me, sensitive skin has been skin that is consistently red, easily inflamed by the slightest climate changes and regularly prone to puffiness and breakouts. As a teen, the irritations were small, mild and treatable. However, as an adult my skins texture seemed to worsen and the healing process became much more slower and longer. For a woman who is trying to make her mark as a public speaker, it was toying with my confidence. I was becoming less engaging and avoided being photographed at all costs. Over the past year, I went into panic mode and began to try just about every “great” product on the market for healing. My bank account began to suffer because of my persistence and obsession to find a calming solution that would work. I have purchased the most expensive creams at Saks Fifth Avenue, to eventually developing an online-ordering addiction to any “miracle” product that graced the pages of In-Style magazines. From facials, to micro-dermabrasions to led lighting … following spa visit after spa visit. Nothing was seeming to work for me. Even still , I was determined to not give up on my skin.

In walks… Sasawashi Kumazasa Balm

With naturally hydrating and anti-bacterial properties, the kumazasa leaf has been used as a natural skin remedy in Japan for centuries. This universal balm is made from a mixture of beeswax, olive oil, and pure kumazasa plant extract that softens and comforts chronically dry skin. Petroleum-free and naturally antibacterial, the Kumasaza Balm gently soothes lips, cuticles, and other dry spots.

While having a conversation with a new friend, she gifted me this product. I was instantly intrigued… I didn’t say anything except for thank you and I proceeded to rush the conversation so I could head home to try my new little tin-can of goodness …. and I absolutely love it! I had never even heard of Sasawashi Balm, so I did a bit of research and was happy to learn that there were not triggering or toxic ingredients. “WORRY FREE” After about 24 hours of using the product, I can attest that my skin appeared refreshed, less dehydrated and the redness calmly began to fade. As a bonus, the balm has doubled as a highlighter for my cheekbones… I’ve actually began to receive compliments on how hydrated my skin appears and people publicly have stopped to ask me what am I using. I can confidently say I was beyond happy to waltz out of my home these past couple of mornings.  


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