Gratitude List 4/21/19

  1. Living in Los Angeles,CA…this Sunny Sunny weather feeds my appetite for creativity.
  2. Working with a few good people who respect x adore me (definitely double-sided)
  3. Being able to come home and having dishes to wash…just a few cuz I cleans.
  4. Lying on my cozy velvet x mint loveseat sofa… meant for only me… guests may find seating on the cozy 5star floor 🙄
  5. Having clean x sweet smelling pajamas to roam around the house in… and pretend I’m on stage… entertaining some special body….
  6. Good ole electricity so I can charge this phone up to scroll Pinterest until I snooze… vision boarding at its finest.
  7. A brand new LA magazine so I can flip through the pages and find new cafes and restaurants to visit… once I’m free of this so-called budget thang.
  8. Big ole bunny ears that let me hear the hustle x bustle noises of the streets … sometimes confused with ladies of the street … depending on my neighbor 😞
  9. A room with a view…. my living room view is the absolute bestest…
  10. Bath salts, homemade that I can even send to you… I guarantee you will be in wonderland for a very small price.📦
  11. Friends that have texted me today… with the happiest fonts and photographs that scream HAPPY 🐣 EASTER
  12. another God given day on earth to plan , execute and deliver my wildest dreams

Hope you have enjoyed your Sunday!



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