10 Cool Jobs You Can Do While Traveling


10 cool travel jobsTravel jobs are definitely a serious option for people who think that “home” can be just about anywhere and not necessarily where they were born. So if you’re thinking about temporarily relocating somewhere abroad and looking to generate some cash while you’re at it, check out these practical options:

1- Professional Tour Guide

If you’re currently residing in a country other than your own simply because you’re passionate about its culture and history, sharing that knowledge and passion with others could be an amazingly fulfilling thing! Of course being fluent in the local language can be a huge advantage, but sometimes simply speaking English could be enough, as many of your patrons will likely speak it as well. Another option is to work as an independent guide, especially if you’re an expert in certain areas, such as the local underground scene, authentic local food, or maybe even extreme sports.  Aspiring…

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